Solstice has arrived.

Post by David Joel Miller.

It is Solstice.

Sunrise at Stonehenge.

Winter solstice.
Photo courtesy of

At this time, here in California, it is 2:44 on 12/21/2016, the relationships between the earth and the sun change.  In the northern hemisphere, this marks the beginning of winter. Those of you in the southern part of mother earth will be entering your summer.

With all our modern technology, satellites headed off into other parts of the galaxy, electrons wiring about, this simple relationship with our sun still exerts has a profound impact on we carbon-based life forms.

In the hecticness of this season, I find it useful to pause and contemplate how our ancestors in a time before electricity must have felt a deep spiritual conception to the natural environment around them when the sun and earth’s relationship made this visual change.

Take a second or two this morning and think about what is real, what is artificial and how you relate to the rest of the universe.


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