Let’s talk counseling

Everyone encounters difficulties in their life and needs a little help. Sometimes counseling is helpful, sometimes it isn’t. I believe in wellness and recovery; that no matter how difficult the problem may seem there is always room for improvement. Most of life is lived in the relationships between people. The counselor-client relationship is a novel relationship for better or worse.

In upcoming blogs, I want to talk about some of the things that helping professional’s do that are helpful and some things that are not. Like the rest of my writing, this is a work in progress.

If you have comments or questions please email me.  While I can’t do individual therapy or consultation here on the internet, I will try to answer questions when I can. I also want to use this opportunity to talk about some misconceptions and problems in the mental health and substance abuse fields. Let me know what you think. David Miller, LMFT

For more about David Joel Miller and my work in the areas of mental health, substance abuse and Co-occurring disorders see the about the author page. For information about my other writing work beyond this blog, there is also a Facebook authors page, in its infancy, up under David Joel Miller. Posts to the books, trainings and classes category will tell you about those activities. If you are in the Fresno California area information about my private practice is at counselorfresno.com. Thanks to all who read this blog.


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