How much is Two Times Algebra Two?

How much is Two Times Algebra Two?

Kids complain that their parents don’t help them with homework enough. Some parents confide in me that they don’t know how to help their kids. Now I know I took Algebra Two back in high school. Though I now think the half-life of that knowledge is shorter than the half-life of Hassiam, which I am told is somewhere around 8 seconds. So what am I to do when a child asks for help on Algebra Two or worse yet Chemistry with all the elements that have been invented since I completed school just after the last Ice age?

What do parents do who didn’t take these classes or who did not have the opportunity to complete their schooling? We probably don’t want to tell kids “I haven’t used that since I was in school” or anything that might imply that learning new material is unimportant. Even if kids don’t ever use a particular piece of knowledge the process of learning how to learn is important for success in this modern age. So what can a parent do to help their child?

Someone sent me a solution to this problem. And it is FREE! Yes, you read that right. Yes, this is a free homework helper and in the child’s own language. Kids are digital natives. I start to feel like a visitor from a distant galaxy when exposed to new technology, but kids get this stuff right away. So here is the solution.

Check out the Khan Academy – free online videos on everything from Basic Addition starts with the one plus one stuff all the way up to Trig and Calculus and stuff like that. Not just math here either. They’ve got videos on Science and History and even some cool stuff that parents might want to learn.

So check them out. Here is the web address:

Let me know what you think. Just don’t stop coming back here. Pleeeeease –

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