February 2012 – Best of Blog Recap


Here it is – The Best of Blog Recap for February 2012 –

Thanks, some more to all of you that read this blog. This has been the most read month ever for the counselorssoapbox blog. Hope some of the things I have written have been helpful and thought-provoking. Feel free to comment and especially pass along the link to anyone you think might want to read this effort.

This month there were a few days with no post but when we reached the month end there were more posts than I had originally planned. We will see what the next month holds.

Here are the top read blog posts of the last month.

1. Do drugs cause mental illness?

2. How does therapy help people?

3. How many mental illnesses are there?

4. How much should you tell a therapist?

The all-time top read posts were:

1. How does therapy help people?

2. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD and bouncing back from adversity

3. Do drugs cause mental illness?

4. Treatment for teens risky Behavior

Over time lots of you have viewed the home page and “about the author” page also.

Thanks to all my readers new and old.

Next month we will explore some other topics and see what we come up with.

Till next time, David Miller, LMFT, NCC

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