Keys to success.

By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor.


Keys to Success.
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Use these keys to unlock your success.

Many people have the belief that the way to achieve success is to find someone to open doors for them. Most successful people will tell you that you cannot wait for someone to open the door for you. To achieve success, you need to be able to open a lot of metaphorical doors. Develop the right skills, talents, and abilities to put you in a position to open many doors until you find the success you are seeking. Here are some access keys you need to acquire and keep on your key ring.

Get clear on what success means to you.

Not everyone means the same thing when they say success. For some people, it’s having a certain amount of money in the bank. For others, it’s having good relationships and a happy family. Your version of success might include building a company, playing in the Super Bowl, or helping the poor and homeless. Make sure that you are trying to unlock the right door.

Plan alternate routes to your goal.

Which door?

Doors to success.
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You may think that your success is behind the door that says, athlete. However, that may not be where you will find it. Very successful people often must open many doors. If you try something, and it does not succeed, this does not make you a failure. Learn from each attempt. One path to your goal is blocked, immediately head off using an alternative route. Your first business may not be profitable. Learn from that experience, and subsequent ventures probably will do better.

If your goal is helping others, you may find some people are not yet ready for help. The help they need may not be the type you plan to provide. Continue seeking to be of service.

Use success words and have an optimistic vocabulary.

The words you tell yourself sets a course for your brain. Negative words create a failure or scarcity mindset. Don’t tell yourself you have failed. Tell yourself you completed another leg of your journey. If you tell yourself, you can’t, you won’t. Don’t say “if I ever succeed.” Tell yourself repeatedly “when I succeed.”

Picture your goal already accomplished.

You can’t build a building from an unclear blueprint. You can’t create success until you have a clear image of what that success looks like. Each day as you move toward your goals, picture in your mind what it will look like when you reach that objective.

Make time for happiness.

If the journey toward success is full of pain and unhappiness, you are likely to abandon the trip. Enjoy the journey. Behind each door, you open, expect to find some happiness and joy.

Believe that good things are possible, it is a just world.

A positive attitude is an essential tool for creating success. Your brain will resist creating something you do not believe is possible. If you cannot believe that hard work is rewarded, that good things can happen to you; your brain will be unable to create the actions needed to make your success a reality. If you do not believe in yourself, begin by working on you.

Hold onto your dream.

To have success, you need to have a big dream. Hold onto your dream, your belief in yourself, and the rightness of achieving your goal of success. Don’t expect the journey to success to be an easy one. Your destiny may not be immediately behind the first door you open. Even if you should be fortunate enough to open the door to your success on the first try, following the path behind that door will take you a lifetime.

Engage your passion.

The majority of all learning is emotional, so is the doing. If you are working toward something you are passionate about, you will stay engaged and on track. If your day is spent doing things you love, you can hardly call it work. Seek to make your life’s work also your life’s enjoyment.

Use confidence, optimism, tenacity, and enthusiasm.

In building your success, develop the key of confidence, in yourself and your goal. Create a large supply of optimism. Know when to employ tenacity and refuse to give up on your dream. Cultivate enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the key that will keep you opening doors until you finally find your successful life path. Once you have found that life path, success consists of continuing to walk the path you were destined to take.

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