Reasons to try counseling.

By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor.

Counseling questions

Counseling questions.
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Going to see a counselor doesn’t mean you’re crazy.

People go to see counselors for a variety of problems. Just as athletes have coaches seeing a counselor can help you improve the way you are living life. Many companies now have employee assistance plans (EAPs) so that people can address life issues before they become serious problems. Counseling or therapy can be beneficial for people with serious mental illnesses, but it can also be helpful to prevent the challenges of living from becoming a mental illness. Here are some reasons you might want to see if a counselor.

Counseling can help when you are constantly upset or overwhelmed.

Life can be challenging. Some people are more resilient and able to overcome obstacles than others. Skills for living life are something you can learn. The counselor can help you with other ways to see your problems and help you to develop the skills you’ll need to cope with the challenges you’re facing.

Feeling mentally confused is a reason to see a counselor.

Confusion often brings people into counseling. You don’t know what you don’t know. You may not feel comfortable discussing your confusion with your family or your life partner. Family and friends feel the need to tell you what to do counselor can help you decide for yourself. The counselor may be able to point out other options you haven’t considered. Sometimes just talking it out with an unbiased person can help you resolve your confusion.

When you are struggling with a choice, counseling can help.

If you’re at a juncture in your life where you are going to have to decide, seeing a counselor can help you sort out the pros and cons.

If life is not fun anymore, try counseling.

Not being able to feel pleasure is a symptom of depression. It’s possible for life to stop being fun before you reach the point of depression. Re-examining what you do and don’t do and the relationships in your life can help you decide what needs to change. Having a happy life is not something other people can do for you. Aligning what you’re doing with your values and goals creates a better life, and a counselor can help you see things you should be doing you’re not and things you’re doing you shouldn’t be doing.

If you feel stuck and can’t change, counseling can help.

Lots of people make annual New Year’s resolutions, and nothing changes. Change involves a process. You need to identify where you are stuck and why. The counselor may be able to help by giving you information. Once you do decide on something about yourself you want to change, you’re going to need encouragement as you practice this new behavior. A counselor can help you through this process.

Having anxiety attacks, or worse yet panic attacks are reasons for counseling.

Anxiety and anxiety attacks have replaced depression as the largest mental health problem in America. Anxiety can manifest as physical symptoms resulting in panic attacks. A counselor can help you by teaching relaxation techniques, helping you to evaluate the way you worry about possibilities, and by helping you create a safer life. Not feeling safe in your relationships will surely increase your anxiety, and the counselor can also help you with relationship counseling.

If you are going through an overwhelming life change, consider counseling.

Changes, even positive ones, can be stressful. The counselor can help you get through the stress of life changes. You may think that what you’re feeling is unique, but the counselor can tell you how often they see this problem. Sometimes you need information, and sometimes you primarily need to be heard, your counselor can provide both.

When making a life transition consider counseling.

Life transitions can be very stressful. When you graduate from school and don’t know what to do with your life, counseling could help. People seek counseling for adjusting to a new relationship or after becoming a parent. Career changes or retirement can be stressful, and counseling can help. Anytime you’re making a change in your life situation, and you’re feeling stressed, consider seeking counseling.

Here is a list of common reasons people should seek counseling.

Have you been for counseling? Was counseling helpful? Why or why not? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment.

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