Fighting Boredom – finding things to do

By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor.

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Is your life boring?

We can all slip into this rut from time to time. Day after day we do the same things. They stop being exciting, they stop being fun. Relationships can get too predictable and then the magic goes out of them. We begin to be bored.

Some people try to cure boredom by taking big risks or making drastic changes. You don’t need to do drugs, get a divorce, or run off to join the circus to put the fun back in your life.

Kids are likely to experience boredom.

Teens and tweens are especially prone to this boredom syndrome. Someday as grownups they will wish they had some downtime, some rest, and relax time. But now they will tell you that they are bored, that there is nothing to do in this town.

It is not just parents in small towns that hear these complaints. One reason they ring true and are so hard for parents to dispute is that we adults can get into some awfully boring routines after a few years of living.

So parents if your kids are saying they are bored, show, don’t tell, them how to shake that feeling. Start by looking at your life and if you are boring, try changing that first.

One quick way to change feelings is by changing habits. Here are a few simple ideas. I have confidence in you readers and look forward to some suggestions from all of you of things you have done or are doing to shake the boredom and start living again.

Artistic types need this a lot. We get in ruts and need to break into new patterns. So do people with very conventional lives. You, accountants, know you need a little excitement also.

Go a different way to work.

Altering paths forces you to look at different scenery. These new sights stimulate you and hopefully your imagination.

Try a new destination.

Change the store you shop at, go to a different library, or a new mall. Many cities have old towns or artist areas, check these out. They are not places you would normally shop but you will see new things and get the thinking and the imagination going again.

Cook or eat a new food.

We have an obesity epidemic. Average life spans are declining and much of this is the result of food being too available. Much of that instant gratification food is unhealthy.

Now is a good time to try your hand at cooking something new, something healthy, or just something you have never tried before. You have to eat anyway. Why eat boring when you can make food an adventure.

Healthy food may be an even bigger adventure because it takes thought and effort and results in a feeling of accomplishment when you get it done.

Meet a new person.

Not suggesting you take up living in singles bars. What are the activates you could get involved in that might bring you into contact with other like-minded locals?

School activates, church or temple, volunteer organizations, or any civic event can lead to making new friends. New friends are energizing and a great cure for the boredom blues.

Has someone ever helped a child do something?

How did that make you feel? Did you feel bad because the kid suckered you into helping them? Not really.

Try finding others you can help so you can feel good.

Also if you are in recovery, get a sponsor and let them feel good about helping you. Needing helps sometimes does not keep you out of the helping crowd.

Make a list and check things off.

Make lists of things you want to do someday, that proverbial bucket list or just things closer to home. Do you have projects that you have been meaning to get to ever since you moved into that house? They still are not done?

Would it surprise you to find that lots of people retire or sell the house and move away with all those projects never done?

If you start doing things around the house or in your own area, you will have some time to enjoy the results of those projects.

What would a tourist to your hometown do?

Many people have never been to a museum or seen the local tourist attractions unless a friend or family member came to town to visit and you had to take them around on a tour. Give yourself that tour.

Get moving, get doing, and see how your boredom runs away.

Now if you try to get into action and you find you can’t, that nothing is fun anymore, then you may have a clinical loss of pleasure. That is a symptom of depression in one of its flavors.

If you find you have depression or persistent sadness or whatever you chose to call it, consider getting professional help.

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2 thoughts on “Fighting Boredom – finding things to do

  1. Ohhhh, I so get like this! Lol

    I’m a creature of habit. Not sure if thats a part of OCD? 🙂
    Since living alone I have forced myself to go shopping at different shops. It really does change things and opens you to new things. I’m still living in the same area, but i felt I needed a change…a complete change!

    I make a point of saying , Yes to all invitations. Even this helps to not let the brain get bored and wander off into make believe world! Lol

    I hope your having a great day, David. Hugs Paula xx


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