Bath Salts visit the ER

By David Joel Miller

ER’s saw an extra 23,000 people as a result of Bath Salt use.

Emergency Room

Emergency Room Photo courtesy of Flickr (redwolfoz)

More Bath Salt users are going to the hospital.

People having an adverse reaction to taking “bath salts” are on the rise. For the uninitiated, these are not something you find in a boutique home store. Sold under the name “bath salts” these chemicals are being used in an effort to get high.

These chemicals are labeled “not for human consumption” in an effort to avoid detection and regulation. Anyone selling these chemicals must know full well that customers are smoking or injecting these drugs.

Now SAMSA is reporting that in 2011, the most recent year for which we have statistics, the number of ER visits in which bath salt use figured has reached 23,000. Many of these are in combination with alcohol or other drugs.

I have seen some clients who appear to have suffered a long-term consequence as a result of using bath salts.

To keep all this in perspective, that same year, 2011, drugs were involved in 2 ½ million hospital emergency visits.

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Treating Bath Salt overdoses cost money.

At a time when we are looking at the high and rising cost of medical care, it is hard to overlook the huge consequence of drug use and abuse.

While bath salts are down the list of ER visit causes, expect the costs to society from abuse of bath salts to continue to rise.


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