Sometimes Happiness won’t get it!

By David Joel Miller.

Happy Cactus

Happy Cactus

It takes more than saying have a happy day.

Sometimes wishing someone Happiness sounds more like an insult than a nice thing to say!

There are times when even a good morning is too much.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in favor or happiness. Most of my work as a counselor is about helping people work on having the happiest life possible, whatever that means to them.

There are people who have been knocked down so far that happiness is way above their horizon.

This past holiday season a lot of us went around saying Happy this and Merry that as if that was a possibility for everyone. Some of our fellow humans can’t imagine being happy.

Once each week I get a chance to work with some of the most impaired people imaginable. The stories I have heard over time would break your heart. They are hanging on one way or another.

Mostly they are homeless or living in shelters, garages or a rented room. Most of the time they are cut off from family and friends. They have burned bridges, they have been too sick or too hopeless for their families to want to keep up contact.

When I know that person suffered a loss of a loved one, is homeless or is alone for the holidays they can’t seem to relate to the idea that next year might in any way be happier than this one.

Sometimes the only thing I can think to say to them is that “I hope things go better for you.” And mostly they say thanks for that and shake my hand.

So if right now you are so beat down that being happy feels out of reach, I hope that in 2014 things go better for you.

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