This is Your Brain on Trees

Cool post that I wanted to share.


The Flowering Brain

“All things, animate and inanimate, have within them a spirit dimension. They communicate in that dimension to those who can listen.” ~ Jerome Bernstein, Jungian analyst

Right out in front of my house here on Whidbey Island stands a Western Redcedar tree that is nearly 300 years old. It’s exactly 4 feet three inches in diameter five feet up from the base (I’ve actually measured it), and it stands about 130 feet high (I used this old Boy Scout method to measure the height). Even though this Redcedar is an evergreen tree, every year at this time, it drops thousands of tiny golden needles on the ground. They make a soft snowfall-like carpet all around the base. I call my cedar tree Watty (after the character, Watty White on the Nashville TV drama, mostly because I like the way the name sounds). Watty and I have regular sessions together when…

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