Humor leads to happiness.

By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor.


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Learn to laugh more and you will live more.

Humor is good for your mental health and it is good for relationships. There can be very real physical health benefits also. People without a sense of humor are hard to be around sometimes. Think about how being less serious, lightening up a little, might improve your mental wellness and make your life a better place to be. Below is a list of some of the benefits of developing a better sense of humor.

Being serious about your life goals and values is a good thing, but taking yourself too seriously along the way results in an unpleasant journey through life. You are easier to be around and get more done when you can see the lighter side of life.

When you laugh you become more likable.

Somber, over-serious people are hard to be around on a consistent basis. People who can laugh and enjoy themselves are easier to be around. They have more friends and others are more willing to help them out when times are difficult.

The happy, laughing person is a joy to be around and others will seek the funny person out. Help people to feel good about being around you and they will look for you.

Admit your mistakes and you become less sensitive to criticism.

Learn to take the things you do seriously but not take yourself so seriously. Being able to laugh at your foibles is a real asset in life. There is a place for some levity in every life. Share the joke with others and they share themselves with you.

Hiding your mistakes takes a lot of energy and effort. Being honest about your failings makes you more human. It is tiresome to be around someone who is never able to admit they made a mistake.

Happiness helps you see the good in things.

Being able to laugh at the funny side of life makes it easier to find the silver lining in those problematic parts of life. If everything in your life is deadly serious the joy flees. Even in the toughest of times being able to look on the lighter side of things can help see you through tough events.

Pain and misery will make sure you notice them, but happiness waits patiently for its turn to make an appearance in your life. To capture life’s pleasures you have to notice and encourage them.

Humor reduces conflicts.

Serious settings can heighten tensions. Develop the skill to relax and see the funny parts of life and you can defuse conflicts. When others laugh with you the tension drains away. It is harder to stay angry with someone you laugh with.

A sense of humor makes you more attractive.

Women prefer men with a sense of humor and men prefer women who laugh at their jokes. While humor is not as sure-fire as liquor in establishing relationships it does keep you out of jail and court a lot more.

Besides romantic relationships, funny friends are – well they are just more fun to be around. Being happy attracts other happy people. Being sad, you know that misery likes company, but only from other misery.

Humor is good medicine.

Laughter wakes up the body. It gets the blood flowing in a good way. Happiness is good for improving attention. That big laugh puts more oxygen into your body. The more you laugh the more oxygen. Laughter also releases endorphins in the brain which makes you feel good and can reduce the physical and emotional pains of life.

People with a good sense of humor have been reported to live longer. Even if that were questionable science, happy, laughing people enjoy the life they have more than unhappy ones.

Consider enriching your life by working on your laughter skills.

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