Book sale

Book sale

By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Counselor.

I just discovered that Amazon has put paperback copies of several of my novels on sale. I think this is a wonderful gesture on Amazon’s part. It means you get a bargain while I, as the author, still get my full royalty. If this interests you, please take a look at my books on Amazon. You will find them at David Joel Miller I’m not sure how long this promo will last.

In keeping with this spirit, I have put all the Kindle editions of my novels on sale in the United States for $.99. If you’re in one of the other markets your prices will be translated into your currency at an equivalent price.

For what it’s worth.

My new website devoted to my fiction writing and other creative endeavors, has launched. It is complete with a blog dedicated specifically to writing. I decided to separate posts about creating characters, plots, and genres from my posts about mental health, substance abuse, and having a happy life.

Temporarily I will mention the sales and the new books on both blogs. But if you’re interested in more information about my writing and being more creative in general, please check out the new blog  and consider subscribing.

Does David Joel Miller see clients for counseling and coaching?

Yes, I do. I can see private pay clients if they live in California, where I am licensed. If you’re interested in information about that, please email me or use the contact me form.

Staying in touch with David Joel Miller.

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Seven David Joel Miller Books are available on Amazon now! And more are on the way.

For these and my upcoming books, please visit my Amazon Author Page – David Joel Miller

For information about my work in mental health, substance abuse, and having a happy life, please check out

For videos, see: Counselorssoapbox YouTube Video Channel


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