Thanks – I think

By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor.

Thanks – I think

Even when I don’t agree with someone I appreciate their interest in my blog. Links are even better. I think it was La Guardia that said, it does not matter what you say about me, just spell the name right, or in this case get the link right. But still – something that happened today shows how easy it is to be misleading when you quote someone else. In this case, they were sort of quoting me.

My blog about our tendency to take the easy way out and give kids lots of meds instead of the personal connections they need to develop was quoted on a website about Medicare. That was nice, only the picture they ran with my blog post did not come from my blog which might make it misleading.

Just so everything is clear, I am very much in favor of parity laws. Paying as much to treat mental illness and drug addiction as we do for physical illnesses is an idea whose time has come. I am also in favor of anything that makes sure health care coverage is available to all.

People who do not have health care end up at free county hospitals and most of the time they don’t get to the emergency room until they are critical. People with untreated mental illnesses are clogging up our jails and prisons and medical hospitals. We pay for all this treatment whether the people have insurance or not. So some form of national healthcare preregistration just makes the system more efficient and manageable.

It seems clear that the country cannot retreat to the days of family farms and paying the doctor with chickens. Our future also does not involve making more things for cheaper prices. Our future as a country does depend on developing minds. We need more Ph.D.’s not more press wood furniture.

Some people seem to think that teachers, especially college ones are a waste of resources. They don’t want to pay for medical services for anyone but themselves. If this country is to stay a world leader we need more teachers, more doctors, and more professionals who work in mental health and substance abuse. We also need more engineers and scientists. Developing these specialties requires easily accessible education as well as physical and mental health care.

All of these things, like the military and the coining of money, are things that need to be undertaken by the government for the good of all. The majority of promising candidates for the service industry do not come from the rich. The best and brightest minds come from among the ninety-nine percent and they need the government at all levels to promote the growth of the service industries and education.

The future is in the areas of ideas and services. The government needs to take the lead in growing these sectors. I am not opposed to businesses having a large role in this effort. Non-profit companies are especially good at efficiently providing these services. But the mentally ill, the drug addicts, and the homeless don’t have money to pay for their care and we all pay for it one way or another.

So the association of a picture of President Obama superimposed with a communist flag was not my sentiment. If anything, I think this administration has been too conservative in accommodating the role of large businesses in the economy.

We made progress in the space race because the administration at that time led the country into a new area. Hopefully, our leaders will lead again into the new service-oriented economies of the next few centuries.

The one bright spot in all this, to my way of thinking, is that at least a couple of Republican candidates for our highest office are now sounding like they are more liberal than the current administration. Maybe this veer in the liberal direction will get our nation back on track.

The hummingbird picture came from Wikimedia. It has nothing to do with this post but then the picture someone attached to my last post quoted on their website had nothing to do with my post. So now things are about even.

Hoping you all have a happy and mentally healthy holiday season.

David Miller, LMFT, LPCC

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