Mentally Ill Die Younger?

By David Joel Miller.

Do the Mentally ill have shorter life spans?

– Morning Question #22 –

Yes. Lots of disadvantages come with having a mental illness.

You are more likely to be a victim of crime. In fact, a mentally ill person is far more likely to be a victim than a perpetrator of a crime.

You have a larger chance of developing other physical illnesses. Some of this, like weight gain and obesity, can be the result of medications that the mentally ill need to take.

They are more likely to be unemployed, not have or lose medical care, become homeless and all sorts of other life problems.

They are more likely to divorce or have children with partners who are no longer around and they are at extra risk to have families that cut them off and want nothing to do with them.

You are more likely to die young after a life full of illness.

No, the pity they may get does not compensate for the loneliness and hardship. Most clients I know would gladly give up the handful of dollars they get every month for being mentally ill and disabled if only they could be “normal” and work again.

Those who do recover and work again don’t always talk about their struggles because of the stigma.

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