Happy Holidays.

Fall scene

Happy Holidays

Christmas is almost here. Take the time to enjoy the season.

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays.

  1. What is your educational background? The reason I asked is my background is in Psychology and Counseling plus Special Education. I thought about doing a blog similar to this.
    I might even be so bold as to ask you if it would be to your advantage to have a woman partner.


    • I’m licensed in California as a marriage and family therapist and a licensed professional clinical counselor. My most recent education was a Masters degree in counseling with a specialty in marriage and family therapy. Before that, I have pursued an education in a variety of fields. I’ve been going to school pretty much my whole life and I continue to take classes in subjects that interest me. I also teach both at the community college and graduate levels. Writing a blog can be a challenge. If I had known how difficult it would be I might not have started. I’ve been writing the counselorssoapbox.com blog since 2011. I write it because I feel I have things I want to say. That’s the best reason for writing any blog. It’s become increasingly difficult to rank in the search engines for any posts related to health and well-being unless you are a medical doctor. Search engines give preference to post written or approved by MD’s. Since I’ve now passed my 70th birthday, my plan is to spend more time writing and teaching. I like writing this blog because I am opinionated and this is my chance to express myself. I don’t think I’d be comfortable sharing my creative endeavors with a partner. I would certainly be open to publishing some guest posts written by the readers of my blog as long as they are consistent with the content I’ve been creating. Thanks for reading and for commenting. David Joel Miller, LMFT, LPCC.


      • I know the opinionated problem. I have that one myself. Just since I’ve been on this site I’ve identified a problem that toxic to marriage. Makes me want to scream, “Listen to me.” Lol


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