Morning Question # 8 – Which personality Disorders can’t read other people?

By David Joel Miller.

Which Personality Disorders can’t read other people?

None really. The closest would be Schizoid Personality Disorder, they can read people they just don’t care for people, any people. They are the classic hermits and loners.

I think you are asking about the Autism Spectrum. Autism, Asperger’s and Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS. Next year with the DSM-5 these will all become part of a new label Autism Spectrum Disorders. People with these disorders or varying degrees of this disorder have difficulty reading other people.

When shown pictures of people’s faces they can’t tell the angry person from the calm person. They also have difficulty reading lots of non-verbal clues. So they don’t understand when someone likes them and wants to talk or is bored and wishes they would go away. This creates all sorts of social problems.

One new treatment approach consists of teaching them all about nonverbal clues to behavior. More on this treatment coming up in a future post.

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