Learning About Alcohol Video 14 – How Alcoholism Develops


As someone moves towards alcoholism behavior changes. There is a behavioral look to alcoholism. How does the process of severe alcohol use disorder develop?Find video on Substance use disorders


Learning About Alcohol 13 Pregnancy and Other Physical Problems

Find video on Substance use disorders

Alcohol affects sexual functioning and the unborn child. Alcohol affects the respiratory, skeletal, and nervous system and increases cancer risk. Alcohol results in organic brain disease, nerve, and muscle tissue damage as well as psychological changes. Alcohol interferes with sleep and memory. There are four different alcohol withdrawal syndromes.

Learning About Alcohol Video 12 – Medical Complications

Find video on Substance use disorders

Alcohol many parts of the human body. How does alcohol affect the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver, and the immune system?

Learning About Alcohol Vieo 11 – The environment.

Find video on Substance use disorders

How does growing up around alcohol affect drinking and drinking problems? What temperaments increase or decrease the risk of developing an alcohol problem and what are protective factors?

Learning About Alcohol Video #9- The Disease of Alcoholism

Find video on Substance use disorders

Learning About Alcohol Video Part 9 – The Disease of Alcoholism

Learning About Alcohol Video 8- Alcohol Use Disorders

Find video on Substance use disordersWhen is alcohol use a problem? How common are alcohol problems? Why do people have drinking problems?

Learning About Alcohol Video Part 7

Find video on Substance use disorders

Part 7. Learning About Alcohol – the drinking experience.

One person drinks and becomes happy, another person drinks and becomes angry. Alcohol won’t affect the same way every time you drink. What are some of the factors that affect the drinking experience?