Ways people put drugs in the body. Routes of Drug Administration video #8

Ways people put drugs in their body. Routes of Drug Administration. Drug Ed video #8

By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor.

Stimulant Drugs – video

Stimulant Use Disorders Video.


Stimulant Drugs – video

DSM Drug Categories – Drug Ed Video #6

Diagnosing Substance Use Disorders Drug Ed Video #5.

How to tell when drug and alcohol use is a problem? How do professionals diagnose Substance Use Disorders? Today’s video looks at the topic of identifying drug and alcohol problems.

Why do people use drugs? Video

Why do people use drugs? Is drug use good or bad? In this video, we look at how drug use might progress from initial experimentation to a severe use disorder or addiction. We also examine some other drug-connected problems.


Video – A brief history of drug use in the U. S.

Humans have a long history of using drugs. Drugs have many connections to our history here in the United States. This brief drug history video explores the history of drugs.

Drug Ed #2 Video The Drug using experience.

Today the second Counselorssoapbox video in the Drug Ed series is available.

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What is a Drug Video.

When we say drug what do we mean? Drug education video #1 is now live on YouTube.

Counselorssoapbox videos

Today marks the first counselorssoapbox video.

Future videos will cover the topics of mental health and wellness, drugs and drug use disorders, psychology, and life skills to have a happy life. I hope you will join me for future videos. David Joel Miller.

The first series of videos will cover basic drug education.