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Sunday Inspiration.     Post by David Joel Miller.

“Sam: I’ve never considered myself a finicky eater. No pie ever crossed my path and survived.”

― Jaime Reed, Living Violet

“For the most part, physicists and mathematicians have settled on a fine division of labour in which the former complain about the finickiness of the latter, and the latter complain about the sloppiness of the former.”

― Sabine Hossenfelder, Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray

“Life is not complicated or finicky, it will gladly take you anywhere you choose to go.”

― Mark W Boyer

Wanted to share some inspirational quotes with you.  Today seemed like a good time to do this. There are an estimated 100,000 words in the English language that are feelings related. Some emotions are pleasant, and some are unpleasant, but all feelings can provide useful information. If any of these quotes strike a chord with you, please share them.

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