Drug Counseling Video #3 Clinical Evaluation.

Drug Counseling Video #3 Clinical Evaluation.

Drug Counseling, Clinical Evaluation, Screening, Assessment, and Crisis Intervention. In drug counseling when is assessment done? Types of assessment, how to assess. The two types of collateral and why it may be important. Diagnosis of drug use disorders. Recognizing behavioral addictions.

Drug Counseling Video #2 Engagement

Drug Counseling Video #2 Engagement. The job functions of a drug and alcohol counselor, Screening, Intake, and Orientation. Modalities of treatment.

Drug Counseling Video #1 Introduction

What does a Drug and Alcohol Counselor do? The 4 Domains of drug counseling. The 12 core functions of a drug counselor. Getting the client into treatment, Screening, Engagement, Orientation, Assessment.