Drug Counseling Video #7 Records and Ethics.

Drug Counseling Video #7 Record-Keeping and Ethics.

Drug and alcohol counselors need to know about record-keeping and ethical issues. Record-keeping includes documentation, writing monthly reports and preserving copies of intake paperwork, assessments, and treatment plans. Counselors need to know about their specific code of ethics as well as general ethical issues involving scopes of practice and competency and boundaries.

Where did the LPCC Gap exam go?

By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor.

Counseling questions

Counseling questions.
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About the grandfathering test for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors.

Both CALPCC and CAMFT have reported that the California Board of Behavioral Sciences has stopped administering the Gap exam for those wishing to grandfather in as LPCC’s.

The information I have heard is that the testing company has notified potential candidates for the exam that BBS has temporarily stopped the test.

At this point, we do not know why or when the exam will be resumed.

My suggestion for those who plan to take the exam is to keep reviewing those things that were listed as inside the LPCC’s scope of practice. Especially focus on those things that were not emphasized in you testing for the LMFT or LCSW.

Let us hope this will be a short delay and that BBS will announce something soon. For more on this, I would encourage all potential LPCC’s and PCC Interns to join CALPCC and make use of the latest news and information in the member’s only area. If you are already a member of CAMFT, I encourage you to continue your membership in CAMFT as I have done.

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