Where do you buy your e-books?

By David Joel Miller, MS, Writer.

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The Internet is sure changing writing and e-books.

I live in the United States of America, California to be more exact. I’ve noticed that a lot of Americans seem to be very ethnocentric. It would be easy to forget that not everyone, everywhere, has the same experiences that you have.

California, the part of America I live in, is ethnically diverse. But California’s ethnic diversity is nothing compared to the diversity on the Internet. Because I write in English it would be tempting to believe that most of my readers lived in the United States, or maybe the United States plus one or two other English-speaking countries. I know it’s possible to translate web pages automatically, but I still suspect most of my blog readers are reading counselorssoapbox.com in English.

The diversity of my readers continues to amaze me. Thanks to all of you in the over 130 countries who have read counselorssoapbox.com. Thank you to all the people in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand who have read this blog on a regular basis since the very beginning.

Recently I’ve noticed a measurable increase in the number of posts read by people from China, Hong Kong, Nigeria, India, and Germany. From the stats, I can’t tell if these are a few people in each country who read every post I write, or if there are one or two posts that were read many times in these countries. I suspect it’s a mixture of regular readers and a few posts that resonated with readers in a specific country. Either way, I wanted to let you know I appreciate readers wherever you may live. Sorry if I didn’t mention your country, but to mention all of you would resemble the roll call of the UN.

So that brings me back to my question. Where you buy your e-books?

In the US Amazon is undoubtedly the largest seller of e-books. Amazon has certainly done an excellent job for me, and I continue to enjoy publishing my books on Amazon. I can tell from the stats I see on Amazon that they sell my books not only in the US but also in the UK and several other English-speaking countries. As good a job as Amazon does in the US and the UK; I suspect that they are not likely to be the primary bookseller in all those 130 other countries.

Recently I took two of my books, the novels, Casino Robbery and Sasquatch “wide.” Which means those books are now available on several other platforms.

To celebrate the addition of these other distributors one of my books Sasquatch is currently available free on each of the new e-book distributors platforms.

Using e-book aggregators.

To make those books available on all those other platforms, and to reach more of the countries in which I have blog readers, I’ve used two aggregators, who do the work of making the books available on various platforms.

The first aggregator I tried was Drafts2Digital, who makes my books available on Kobo, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble

The second book aggregator I have used is PublishDrive who distributes my books to Google Play Books and some smaller European distributors.

Through these two aggregators, my books are also available on several other platforms.

My book Sasquatch will not be free forever.

So, if you get books from any of these other e-book distributors, you might want to grab a free copy of Sasquatch while it’s still available. If you do read one of my books, I would really appreciate you leaving an honest review. Reviews help me evaluate the job I’m doing of writing books my readers would like to read. Reviews also help others decide if they want that book.

If you read e-books, please leave a comment below and let me know where you get the books you read. Till next time, thanks for reading.

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